~~ THE   F A N U C C I s ~~

The FANUCCIs are a few hundred persons all over the world !
The Internet offers the possibility to find some sites allowing searches on all the last names, both in Italy and abroad.
Among the Italian ones we’d signal http://www.gens.labo.net that based on the telephone listing can offer us a really map as the following one:


Other sites such as http://www.gens-us.net/map/genera.html allow us to see how the FANUCCI families are spread all over the United States.
We’d like to remember that quite a lot of emigrants departed from Gubbio, from Splinter and from Campitello for Jessup and Scranton in Pennsylvania where the coal mines were.
Here you can see a list of the Fanuccis (coming from Umbria and Tuscany) who started to emigrate in America since 1900.
Many of them had made fortune there and some of their heirs are honourable and, as we will see herewith, they have become teachers, engineers, physicians, lawyers or singers.
The site http://www.stubaldoday.com/ offers the possibility to follow how the WAX FEAST is organised at Jessup in the honour of S. Ubaldo by the descendants of the Eugubians who emigrated in America.
Here is how the chart of the resident Fanuccis in the United States appears:


More complete searches providing the telephone numbers and addresses worldwide can freely be done connecting simply to the site www.infobel.com.
It is a very useful site for those of you wishing to find his relatives who had emigrated to foreign countries, bringing to you the addresses of 96 Fanuccis in the U.S.A., 45 in France, 4 in Spain, 17 in Argentina and 268 in Italy etc...
Other searches on the Fanuccis in U.S.A. can be carried out, on payment, on the site www.ancestry.com Free of charge searches on Internet can also be made through www.virgilio.it or other searching motors such as GOOGLE.

Here are the resident FANUCCIs in the U.S.A. who have a site of themselves on Internet and whom I have found by making searches on GOOGLE:

This is the FANUCCI'S Restaurant at Poconos, in the neighbourhood of Scranton, Pennsylvania, (photo drawn by the site: www.fanucci.com), which has been open by the descendants of Fanuccis Sante of Campitello.




KAREN M. FANUCCI - Physician internist.

JEROME FANUCCI - Aerospace engineer
President and founder industries KAZAK working also for the NASA.


And here is a university professor resident in Brazil

Prof. FABIO FANUCCI - Catholic University of Brasilia


In order to find all the address and telephone numbers of all the Fanuccis of a certain region, Virgilio is the searching motor that makes available the White Pages PAGINE BIANCHEwhich is practically the telephone listing via Internet. It is enough to select a region or a city and the last name of the person to be found and you can get all you asked for.

Here are all the FANUCCIs
of the Commune of SCHEGGIA
of the Commune of PONTE BUGGIANESE

of the City of PERUGIA

of the Province of PERUGIA
of the Province of PISTOIA
of the Province of PISA
of the Province of ROMA

of the UMBRIA Region
of the TUSCANY Region

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